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Compare quotes from local credit card companies and get a great deal on your merchant account.  By providing price quotes from the top credit card processors near you, we make the comparison process fun and easy with the best in no hassle merchant services.  If you need a merchant provider, payment gateway, virtual terminal, credit card machine or an EMV compliant credit card terminal; we’ve got you covered with our no obligation pricing tool.  Complete the form to compare prices, vendors, and products based on your business needs.  You’ll receive multiple price quotes from local and national companies.  When dealers compete for your business, you win!

By the way, are you getting the best merchant rate with your existing processor?  Get a FREE Rate Review from local and national credit card providers and find out how to save money on your credit card processing fees.  Houston Merchant Services offers our free pricing tool for merchants looking for affordable credit card processing.  With our tool, you will receive multiple quotes from prestigious merchant service providers for all industries.


Best Credit Card Providers in Houston, Texas

Finding a trusted and reliable merchant account provider in Houston can be a challenge.  When shopping for merchant services it’s always best to talk to multiple dealers and to get several rate quotes to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  But calling a bunch of different providers can be time consuming and frustrating.  For that reason, we’ve created our pricing tool to have credit card providers in Houston contact you.  By using our free no obligation price tool, you leverage your purchasing power and multiple dealers contact you to compete for your business.   There are a few key features to ask for when choosing a processor, like fast processing, quick payment funding, competitive rates, secure transactions, choice of Houston point of sale systems or iPad POS solutions, and device choice flexibility to take payments on any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

EMV Chip Card Technology has arrived.  Is your business ready?  The liability shift for counterfeit transactions became effective October 1, 2015.  Merchants who have not invested in chip-enabled devices may be held financially liable for in-store credit card fraud.  Houston Merchant Services makes it simple for you to meet the new EMV standard.  Complete the form and qualified companies will contact you to help integrate your POS system or to get you the proper EMV terminals you need.


Affordable Merchant Services

Get affordable, fast, reliable, and secure transactions with Houston Merchant Services payment processing tool.  We’ve got great solutions for all of your payment processing needs.  No matter what equipment you’re using now or might need, we can help eliminate the frustrations of finding the perfect solution for your business.  At Houston Merchant Services we focus on the highest standards for our partners and only work with the top companies.

Are you getting affordable credit card processing with your existing payment processor?  Are you 100% sure?  Let a professional analyze your statements from your current processor and do a FREE Rate Review.  All good providers will give you a valuable second opinion on your current merchant services rates, whether you choose their services or not.  Customers have saved thousands of dollars a year by providing an existing statement and by doing a current rate review.

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Total Merchant Services

When searching for total merchant solutions, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting reliable, fast, and secure transactions at the best merchant provider rates available.  Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting competitive pricing with accelerated funding options, including next day and same day funding.  Do you need to accept gift cards and grow your business?  Do you need a stand alone credit card terminal to accept credit cards?  All of our providers will offer the latest in credit card terminal technology, including EMV (Chip-and-PIN).

Do you need to accept mobile credit cards where ever you go, on any device.  A virtual terminal may be the answer.  Accept credit cards “on-the-go” with your mobile device, iPhone, iPad, or computer on the web.  Use mobile payments to complement your existing payment processing built into your POS or credit card terminal.  Plan ahead, have a backup method to accept payments if your primary system goes down.  With the best merchant services in Houston, if you need a POS solution, most providers will have POS systems available for you to choose from.

Houston Credit Card Processing

Mobile Payments

Merchant Services Houston specializes in finding the right credit card processing solutions for your business.  Whether you need to accept mobile payments with a mobile app or maybe you just want to save money on your credit card processing, we’ve got you covered with our merchant services finder tool.

We are well versed in new mobile technology including virtual terminals, Apple Pay and EMV (Chip-and-PIN).  Mobile processing is changing how customers interact with business owners. Go mobile with credit card processors from Houston Merchant Services.  All you need to accept payments and gift cards is a smart device with a data plan or virtual terminal using a computer with a connection to the internet .  Work smarter, be more efficient and connect with your customers like never before.

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Credit Card Processing and Point of Sale (POS) Solutions for every Industry in Houston, Texas


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  • Pizza Restaurant

  • Bakery

  • Brewery & Pubs

  • Deli’s

  • Fast Food


  • Clothing Store

  • Grocery

  • Bookstore

  • Convenience Store

  • Liquor Store

  • Gift Shop

  • Small Business Retail

  • Hospitality/Hotels

  • Retail iPad POS

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  • Salon

  • Spa

  • Automotive

  • Golf Club

  • Gym Fitness Club

  • Car Wash

  • Professional Services

  • Education

  • Government & Healthcare

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